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Founder of Numodus: Meet The Team

Aileen Brindle
UK (Ilkley)

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Aileen combines the desire to make a difference through her work, with vision, creative energy, and professionalism.

For over 20 years Aileen has been working with businesses in Developing Countries in both Asia and Africa in the areas of product design, marketing and business development. She has worked for mainstream importers and manufacturers supplying the UK'S leading high street retailers as well as within the fair trade and International Development Sector in a broad range of roles: designer, product manager, buyer, business advisor and trainer. This combined experience across the whole business spectrum has enabled her to develop a great understanding of techniques, systems, problems and solutions throughout the supply chain.

Since 1995 Aileen has been running a successful consultancy business working with manufacturers, exporters, development agencies, business support organisations and fair trade organisations in many regions of the world. This has provided deep insight into trading between the Developed and the Developing World resulting in the creation of practical, dynamic, and integrated approaches to design and marketing. As author of the interactive manual: 'Your Guide to Product and Range Development' published by CBI (The Netherlands) in 2007, Aileen uses her practical experience and knowledge to guide users on how to implement a cycle of strategic product development. Based on the guide, in 2008 and 2009, Aileen also designed and facilitated training workshops with many exporters worldwide.

Aileen has an Honours degree in Textile Design from 'The University of Leeds' (UK)

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Other team members

Mark Kwami (Germany)
Reinhard Werner (Switzerland)
Solly Levy (South Africa)

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